Show 1: Yoga


May 15th, 2013:  Yoga is much more than just physical activity; it’s a life-changing exercise that can be experienced by one’s whole being.  The very first episode of On Topic features interviews with 3 local yoga instructors, all with their own take on the subject.  We asked about the history of yoga, what it is, and what it’s like to practice.  We also explore some of the physical, mental, and spiritual changes one can experience when practicing yoga.

Knekoh Fruge
Owner/Yoga Instructor
Yoga Circle Downtown Los Angeles

Shad Cruz
Yoga Instructor
Yoga Circle Downtown Los Angeles

Mary Newman
Yoga Instructor and Director at Uprising Yoga

Morgen Stary “Double Foot”
Spirit of Love “Why Yes It Is”
Jaime Richter “The Hurricane Life”
Morgen Stary “Astral Caravan”
Morgen Stary “Ancient Lake”


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