Show 9: Ufology II “Contact in the Desert”


On Topic returns from hiatus with our long awaited follow up to the Contact in the Desert Conference!  We received lots of mail after our last show asking for more UFOs… and we aim to please.  For this show, we trekked out to the Desert again, sunscreen and mics in tow, to check out our very first UFO convention.  Contrary to what you might think (or what I hoped for–J.), there was not a tinfoil hat to be seen.  We did see hundreds of friendly, open-minded, and curious folk interested in finding out more about this topic and meeting with others of like-mind.  Many were actual contactees, or those who claim to have had an experience with a UFO, alien, or otherworldly being.  A beautiful and somewhat mystical location with spacious grounds and unique architecture, Joshua Tree Retreat Center couldn’t have been a more perfect place for an event like this.

This show differs from past ones, in that we got to record on-site at the conference.  We picked up impromptu interviews with quite a few Ufology luminaries, as well as some CITD attendees.  Our guests include Richard Dolan, author and speaker at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure; James Gilliland, founder of the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) organization; Vedic creationist researcher and author Michael Cremo; artists from beyond this world Douglas Taylor & Monte Zufelt; Best selling author and journalist off-the-beaten-path Jim Marrs; and last but not least, Gregg Hammond and Janice Ortiz from Eckankar, who speak about their path and the HU mantra.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

Richard Dolan

James Gilliland

Michael Cremo

Douglas Taylor

Jim Marrs

Monte Zufelt

Gregg Hammond and Janice Ortiz

¡Que Sera! “Fever Design”
Jaime Richter “The Wax and the Wane”
Shri Camelot “1000 Ways”
Bananacorn “Lonesome Cola”
Morgen Stary “Landers”
Elvis Orbison “All I Can Feel Is Your Love”

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