Show 7: The Desert II


July 7th, 2013: Part two of “The Desert” series (specifically the Mojave around California’s Joshua Tree National Park) features more enchanting interviews with those of rare character that call this place home.  We start with Victoria Jennings, executive director of the Joshua Tree Retreat Center and Institute of Mentalphysics, who talks about the center, explains exactly what Mentalphysics is, and about it’s founder, Edwin J. Dingle a.k.a. Ding Le Mei.  Clea Benson, owner of Instant Karma Yoga, tells us about Joshua Tree’s premiere yoga studio next.  Then we (literally) cross the street to speak with Jenny Qaqundah, RN, Herbalist, & Proprietor of the Grateful Desert Herb Shoppe & EcoMarket, who gives us some insight into herbs, tinctures, and the type of person one finds in the desert.  We round off the show with a conversation with Yael Lipschutz, Archivist and Curator of the Noah Purifoy Foundation, who discusses Noah’s Art Site, an Outdoor Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture created in the high desert of Joshua Tree, California.  Between 1989-2004, Noah Purifoy created more than 100 works of art, placed outdoors on the desert floor within 10 acres and within his Gallery.  There are a vast amount of pictures of the site at our Facebook page, here:

Victoria Jennings
Executive Director, Institute of Mentalphysics
59700 Twentynine Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, Ca 92252

Clea Benson
Owner, Instant Karma Yoga
61738 29 Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, California, 92252

Jenny Qaqundah
Owner, Gratefuldesert Herb Shoppe & Eco Market
61695 29 Palms Highway
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Yael Lipschutz
Curator/Archivist, Noah Purifoy Foundation

Spirit of Love “Yamoussoukro
Shari Elf “I’m Forcing Goodness Upon You”
Morgen Stary “Witches Out West”
Jaime Richter “Halfcat”
Morgen Stary “Anteroom”

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