Show 6: The Desert I


June 30th, 2013: For this special two-part series, we visited Joshua Tree, a town in California’s Mojave Desert, about 2 1/2 hours east of Los Angeles.  Joshua Tree and it’s surrounding towns are a well-known popular spot for artists, musicians, climbers, UFO enthusiasts, and interesting folks in general.  It has a mysterious allure, that most who are called there talk about, but cannot quite explain.  We definitely experienced this beguiling, yet unsympathetic charm while we were there.  In this episode, we interview some friendly denizens of this harsh and colorful territory, who explain how they came to live in the desert, what it’s like, and what keeps them there.  We speak to the Integratron’s co-owner, Joanne Karl, about this unusual building that draws thousands every year to experience it’s unique healing properties.  Second, we visited Linda Krantz at Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, a historic wild west watering hole that is the place for live music and barbecue in the area.  Last we speak to wildly unique artist/musician/gallery and crochet museum owner Shari Elf.  We hope you’ll want to visit Joshua Tree too after listening to this show.  Stay tuned for part two!

Joanne Karl
Co-Owner of The Integratron

Linda Krantz
Co-Owner of Pappy & Harriet’s

Shari Elf
Artist & Musician
Art Queen Gallery and World Famous Crochet Museum

¡Socorro! “Flavor of the Day”
White Dove “I’m the Air”
Shari Elf “Seamstress”


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