Show 5: Psychics II


June 16th, 2013:  Over and over again, the message from the other side seems to be “don’t take things so seriously, chill out and enjoy life more, people!”.  In part two of our Psychics series, we speak to 3 lovely and intuitively talented ladies.  Our first interview is with Hollister Rand, a medium and author, known for her TV and radio appearances, as well as for her spirit communication workshops.  We talk about some of her profound experiences, and what the dead want us to know.  Our second guest is spiritual medium Brandy Rosenberg, who helps us understand how to tap into our own intuitive abilities.  Third, we speak with the hilarious Pet Psychic, Patrice Ryan, who talks about her abilities, and lets us know what our pets really think.  Bonus: there’s some rad new original music in the show that you probably won’t hear anywhere else–stay tuned to the site: we’ll be posting links to purchase mp3s soon!

Hollister Rand
Author and Medium

Brandy Rosenberg
Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Consultant

Patrice Ryan
Pet Psychic

Nancy Stary “I’m Your Fortune Teller”
Spirit of Love “My Planet”
Jaime Richter “The Dark of the Year”
Morgen Stary “The Smaller Voice”
Bananacorn “Fight at the Opera”

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