Show 4: Psychics I


June 9th, 2013: This week’s show is part one of a two-parter on Psychics.  We were privileged to speak to 3 experts on the subject!  Our first interview, with Peter Woodbury of the Association for Research & Enlightenment, is about the most well-known psychic in American history, Edgar Cayce.  We find out about Cayce’s life, what led him to realize his ability, how he used it to help people, and how his work is still relevant today.  Dubbed “The Rational Psychic” by Tami Simon of Sounds True fame, our second guest Jack Rourke is widely renowned, and provides psychic services to individuals, business and law enforcement.  He talks about the difference between recognizing one’s own personal ‘psychic signal’, and perceiving external paranormal phenomena, explaining a more rational approach to using psychic ability.  Lastly we speak with Joan Ranquet, an animal communicator and Hay House author, who talks about how we can use ESP to better understand our pets, and ourselves.  Intrigued?  Stay tuned for part two!

Peter Woodbury
Tour Leader and Speaker at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment

Jack Rourke
Psychic consultant and Parasychological Researcher
Author of the Rational Psychic: A Skeptics Guide to Extraordinary Perception

Joan Ranquet
Animal Communicator and Hay House Author

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