Show 2: Astrology


Hello out there! It’s been awhile, but we’re proud to finally bring you our long lost astrology episode! Originally the second episode ever of On Topic, this show contains 3 interviews with 3 different astrologers – including views on both Western and Chinese astrological systems.

Our first guest is western astrologer LeeAnn Lambright She gives us a snappy Aries take on her practice of astrology, telling us about why and how astrology works, in her opinion, and how it can help people.

Second, we have Linda LaZar, an astrologer who specializes in Chinese astrology. Going deeper than what we may be familiar with from those ubiquitous Chinese restaurant zodiac placemats, she’ll have a contrasting view on the astrological practice, as Taoist astrology uses a very different symbolic system than what we’re used to in the west.

Lastly, we’ll hear from Los Angeles-based astrologer and teacher Jim Sher, of With over 30 years of experience as a practicing astrologer and therapist, he’ll talk about his unique approach to the art and science of astrology, the philosophy of his school, The Sher School of Wisdom, and how he’s witnessed astrology be of help to the clients that visit his practice.
And, as a special bonus for all you music lovers – in between each interview, there’s an original song for each Sun sign. So strap in! You’re in for a mind-expanding journey to the stars and back.

Respect the Aries – Antagonist Dragonspit
Taurus – Zodiac Trio
Gemini – Dylan Cohen
Moonchild – Zodiac Trio
Leo – Doctor Midnight
Virgo – Gospelbirds
Libra – Zodiac Trio
Scorpio – Zodiac Trio
Mr. Mind (Sagittarius) – Penelope Puffman
Capricorn – Zodiac Trio
Aquarius – Zodiac Trio
Pisces – Zodiac Trio

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