Show 10: Buddhism I


In the West today, we hear a lot about meditation, letting go, and being mindful.  These terms have become part of the culture here, and are used so often that we may take for granted that we actually understand what they mean.  What exactly do they mean, and where do these ideas originate? These are the questions we hope will be answered in today’s episode.  Over the years, we at On Topic have delved a little into meditation, and listened to many talks by Buddhist teachers, but were interested in finding out what Buddhism is exactly.  So we decided to round up a few experts on the subject, and ask them.  This is the first of two episodes on Buddhism.   Our guests today are Shinzen Young and Ayya Santacitta Bhikkhuni.  Shinzen Young is a well-known American meditation teacher.  He leads residential and phone-based meditation retreats for students interested in learning the Vipassana tradition of Buddhism.  Ayya Santacitta was born in Austria and has practiced meditation since 1988.  She has trained as a nun in both the East and West since 1993, primarily in the lineage of Ajahn Chah.  She is co-founder of Aloka Vihara, where she has lived since 2009 and received bhikkhuni ordination in 2011 (bhikkhuni means a fully ordained female Buddhist monastic).  They will talk a bit generally about Buddhism as religion and it’s history–as well as current ways that it’s commonly practiced, and how it can help create, among other things, an abiding sense of peace in one’s life.  We hope you’ll enjoy learning from these master teachers as much as we did.  This episode also features music by another Buddhist teacher, Kevin Griffin, who we’ll hear from next week.  So tune into your breath, and stick around for our next episode: Buddhism part II!

Shinzen Young

Ayya Santacitta

Shri Camelot “New Age Bookstore”
Kevin Griffin “Mountain Stream”
Jaime Richter “Underwater Quadrocopter”
Kevin Griffin “Laughing Buddha”
Shri Camelot “Brooks Teental”

Image by Tony Bowall

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