Show 2: Astrology


Hello out there! It’s been awhile, but we’re proud to finally bring you our long lost astrology episode! Originally the second episode ever of On Topic, this show contains 3 interviews with 3 different astrologers – including views on both Western and Chinese astrological systems.

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Show 11: Buddhism II


Happy ‘”fall back” and welcome to another episode of On Topic! Here we present to you the second of our two shows on Buddhism. Buddhism’s grounded and all-inclusive spirituality, as a practice, seems to resonate with many modern people in the West today (See our previous post on Buddhism I for some of the questions that led us to this topic). We feel lucky to have interviewed two more very knowledgeable Buddhist teachers. Continue reading →

Show 10: Buddhism I


In the West today, we hear a lot about meditation, letting go, and being mindful.  These terms have become part of the culture here, and are used so often that we may take for granted that we actually understand what they mean.  What exactly do they mean, and where do these ideas originate?  Continue reading →

Show 9: Ufology II “Contact in the Desert”


On Topic returns from hiatus with our long awaited follow up to the Contact in the Desert Conference!  We received lots of mail after our last show asking for more UFOs… and we aim to please.  For this show, we trekked out to the Desert again, sunscreen and mics in tow, to check out our very first UFO convention.   Continue reading →

We have a Winner! Congratulations to Amber Munster!


Show 8: Ufology


July 28th, 2013: Ufology /juːˈfɒlədʒiː/ is the array of subject matter and activities associated with an interest in unidentified flying objects (UFOs).  We were recently invited to help promote the upcoming Contact in the Desert UFO conference, and of course we were totally into it! Continue reading →

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Show 7: The Desert II


July 7th, 2013: Part two of “The Desert” series (specifically the Mojave around California’s Joshua Tree National Park) features more enchanting interviews with those of rare character that call this place home.  We start with Victoria Jennings, executive director of the Joshua Tree Retreat Center and Institute of Mentalphysics, who talks about the center, explains exactly what Mentalphysics is, and about it’s founder, Edwin J. Dingle a.k.a. Ding Le Mei. Continue reading →

Show 6: The Desert I


June 30th, 2013: For this special two-part series, we visited Joshua Tree, a town in California’s Mojave Desert, about 2 1/2 hours east of Los Angeles.  Joshua Tree and it’s surrounding towns are a well-known popular spot for artists, musicians, climbers, UFO enthusiasts, and interesting folks in general. Continue reading →

Show 5: Psychics II


June 16th, 2013:  Over and over again, the message from the other side seems to be “don’t take things so seriously, chill out and enjoy life more, people!”.  In part two of our Psychics series, we speak to 3 lovely and intuitively talented ladies.  Our first interview is with Hollister Rand, a medium and author, known for her TV and radio appearances, as well as for her spirit communication workshops.   Continue reading →